SIS KG’s soccer match at Beacon on Friday 13 November proved that any of us can become the magnificent butterfly we all strive to be.

After being defeated by Beacon earlier in the season, with a dismal score of 2–6, no one at the start of the game could’ve anticipated our U18 boys winning, and certainly not by a large goal difference. But stepping out of the battlefield sweat-grimed and tired an hour and a half later, the team had managed to take the game by storm and pull off a stunning 7–1 victory.

What felt like a looming cloud of trepidation in the beginning, being forced to play with absolutely no substitutes and just a handful of loyal supporters amongst flocks of adversaries ready to pound them in a screaming contest, dissipated into victorious rays of sunshine because just ten minutes into the first half Sarthak opened the scoring with a stunning strike from distance.

Sarthak completed a hat-trick in the second half with a brilliant free kick from even further out, but the biggest wowicanteveneee of the day was for our third goal, an amazing spectacle of quick passing finished off with Sweanhuns powerfully burying a header from a perfect Claudio pass, a moment that will live long in SIS KG folklore. Even Mr Paraic, who always boasts he doesn’t do smiles, looked joyful. He told us it was the best goal he’d ever seen by a schoolboy. ‘Definitely the best,’ Sarthak, who has been part of or witnessed many games over the years, agreed.

When asked how he felt after winning the match, Kenny responded with, ‘I feel like a man. I feel like I became one with the ball and destroyed my opponents.’ But didn’t Beacon destroy him in the previous match? ‘Sshh, that was a decoy,’ he explained. ‘First you have to act weak, then when they last expect it, you penetrate full on!’ Also, he said he would like to thank the fans for cheering and Mr Paraic for believing in the team. ‘#neverstopbelieving,’ he added.

His teammate, wondergoal hero Sweanhuns, added a simple ‘Feels good.’

Now with a total of 6 points and two games to go, we’re back in it. Go team.

Paris Malik, JC1