Upper Primary and Secondary/JC students are well into their end of semester exam period. Most of them have been increasing their level of effort and intensity in recent weeks as these exams have drawn closer.

After the exams they will get a well earned break and some down time before winding up once more for the start of Semester 2. Lots of things start at the beginning of a semester and so it is an important time of the year to have good focus.

We need to help our students manage these changes in their yearly cycle. Some wind up well but find it difficult letting go and they put themselves under a level of pressure and intensity that is not necessary and that can cause health and emotional issues. Others wind down easily but do not activate their decision making power to wind up enough when it’s time to do so.

Don’t assume children just know and understand this. This is an important life skill and they need our help to learn it. Just “telling them” will be enough for some (but not many). Most will need some extra stimulus and reminders to keep them on track. Others will need to learn some detailed strategies and have close monitoring while they master them. Ms Stella, our school counsellor, is available by appointment for any parents or students that want to talk about struggles with winding up or winding down.

Mr Andrew Paterson - Head Teacher