There are over 4.4 million orphaned children in Indonesia, and up to 500,000 of them spend their childhood under the care of orphanages, which rely on donations and community support to provide for them. Children without the protection and guidance of their parents find themselves at a higher risk of receiving inadequate care, facing discrimination, abuse and exploitation. We recognize this, and have decided to step up to make a difference on the lives of orphaned children. As a part of our IB CAS Project, we hosted a SIS-KG Charity Funfair where all profits will be donated to multiple orphanages in Jakarta.

Our main goals were:

  • To raise awareness of orphaned children in Indonesia.
  • Improve the lives of those in need.
  • Unite the school as a whole.
  • Give parents and other people a chance to get to know our school spirit better.
  • Help students gain valuable organization skills.
  • Have fun.

The charity funfair committee was composed of JC2 students Cherine, Shawn, and I (Alicia) as the main organizers, and the rest of the members; Thessa, Vivian, Audrey, Nicholas, Rachel, Lucy, Dyno, Rafi, Eric and Edrick. We fundraised several days prior to the funfair, by selling self-designed charity funfair t-shirts in pink and navy blue, which were the colors that represented our project. The shirts also had our iconic logo and motto, “Give so others can live”. We encouraged students and teachers to wear them during the funfair day to symbolize unity.

The charity funfair was held at the SIS-KG Multi Purpose Hall on Friday, 17th of November 2017 from 4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. It involved all the students and teachers from Secondary and Junior College setting up a stall of their choice representing their class. We also invited the preschool and primary students, parents, SIS-KG alumni and outsiders to attend. The funfair was comprised of a variety of food, drinks and games stalls, ranging from corn dogs, to smoothie bowls, and dunk tanks. Other stalls sold delicious lemonade, fresh-made donuts, DIY sandwiches and thrilling games such as fear pong. We were happy to see students working together and supporting each other when running the stalls, and having fun with teachers during the games. A stunning dance performance by secondary girls further added to the exciting and cheerful atmosphere. There was plenty of laughter, music and fun in the event, and the crowds kept escalating as time went by. By the end of the day, we raised a total amount of Rp 40.000.000 sales revenue (inclusive of costs). Overall, it was a very successful event where all students had fun, and for a good cause too!

by Alicia Jeane Santoso - JC2 Student