The air was filled with “yeehaws”, banjo music, and the mouth-watering smell of barbecue as SIS-KG Preschool celebrated Children’s Day on the 21st of November. With “Barnyard Life” as the theme, kids, parents, and teachers all came in their cowboy attire. A community line dance, led by Miss Merry Bacus, opened the event.

The children had a blast playing different games prepared by their teachers. The games included Quoits, Hobby Horse Race, Hit the Can, and Pin the tail on the Donkey. Parents also played tug of war against the teachers - a game in which parents won, twice in a row!

Seeing their dads play Quoits with the Head Teacher, Mr. Andrew and IB Coordinator, Mr. Paul, was an added thrill for the children.

At the end of the day, they all went home tired but truly happy, having experienced the best children’s day - one that was spent with family.

Ms. Maria Jacob | Deputy Head Teacher of Preschool